Credit Union Services

Passbook Share (Savings) Accounts:

Open our basic share account with a deposit of only $5.00. Accounts with balances over $100.00 earn monthly dividends.

Share Draft (Checking) Accounts:

Funds are accessible with your Visa debit card, 24-hour Audio Response and online Home Banking. There is no Service Charge.

Fun Zone Accounts:

Saving money can be fun! Our Fun Zone accounts teach children ages 0-12 how to save their money while working toward a goal. For every $5.00 deposited into their account, children receive one Fun Zone buck. Save bucks to buy great prizes at our branches.

Young Adult and Senior Young Adult Accounts:

Our Young Adult and Senior Young Adult accounts teach fiscal responsibility. There is no Service Charge. As members get older and learn more money skills, they qualify for more services. Members can apply for Visa debit cards with a parent at ages 16-17 and alone at age 18.

Business Checking Accounts:

We can meet your business needs too! Our business checking accounts offer favorable rates and conditions. We do not charge check deposit fees, place a hold on business deposits or require minimum balances.

Christmas, Vacation and Tax Clubs:

Plan for your next vacation or holiday shopping trip with our savings clubs. Save a little bit each payday or month for large purchases or your property taxes and withdraw funds when your taxes are due. Accounts earn monthly dividends. Payroll deductions and automatic transfers can help painlessly grow your savings club accounts.

Certificates of Deposit:

Earn more dividends! Certificates of deposit offer higher interest rates with a minimum deposit of $1,000.00. Terms range from 2 to 3 years for maturity and auto renewal is available. Children's certificates earn the same rates but only require a $250.00 minimum deposit.

Individual Retirement Accounts:

Don't wait until you retire to make plans; start saving now with an Individual Retirement Account. We offer two types of IRAs: a certificate-type of account with minimum deposit of $1,000.00, or an IRA savings-type of account that you can contribute to throughout the tax year.

Visa Card Credit Cards:

Apply for a VISA Credit Card through ARFCU and expand your purchasing power while earning great rewards. Reach Visa Card customer service at 1-800-558-3424. Report a lost or stolen card; check your account balance, and more!

We have young adult and college credit cards, business credit cards and consumer credit cards.

Click Here for website.

Visa Debit Cards (ATM Cards):

Want to access your checking account with the convenience of Visa? We offer a Visa check card that debits your checking account for point-of-sale purchases anywhere Visa is accepted worldwide. This card also performs ATM transactions. Teen's ages 16-17 can apply for a Visa debit card with a parent joint on the account. Once teens turn 18, they can apply for a Visa debit card on their own. Reach Visa debit card customer service at 1-800-472-3272 to report a lost or stolen card.

If you are experiencing trouble with your debit card after hours call 1-800-262-2024 for help in the US. Call 973-682-2652 for help internationally.

Courtesy Pay:

Courtesy Pay prevents returned checks by allowing you to overdraw your checking account up to $500.00 . Covered items include: check clearings, ATM withdrawals, point-of-sale purchases and electronic (ACH) debits. A $25.00 fee is charged for each transaction paid against insufficient funds. Fee subject to change.

This protection is free to members unless used. You must have a checking account and you must enroll at your local branch. Courtesy Pay is only available on one account per person. If you have more than one account, you must choose which account receives Courtesy Pay. If you carry a negative balance for more than 30 days, ARFCU reserves the right to remove Courtesy Pay from your account. If there are insufficient funds in your savings account, overdraft line of credit and Courtesy Pay to cover the transaction, it will be returned. Upon reaching the transaction limit of six automated transfers per month set by Reg. D, Courtesy Pay will be activated. Alternative coverage includes share-to-share transfers (up to three per month) and/or a line of credit at 12.75% Annual Percentage Rate.

Direct Deposit:

Don't have time to come in and deposit your check on payday? We accept direct deposits for your recurring payments (ex. paychecks, social security benefits, pension checks) through the automated clearing house (ACH). Your funds will be deposited into your account so you don't have to worry about late mail service or getting to the credit union before close. Ask your teller for enrollment forms.

Payroll Deductions:

Make your loan payments or deposit funds into savings, checking or a club account without coming into our office every payday. Payroll deductions are safe, easy and convenient. You can choose to deposit just a portion of your paycheck. Sign up at your payroll office or the credit union.

Audio Response:

The ultimate convenience in member services! Use a touchtone phone to access your account through our telephone teller system from any location at any time. Check your balance or transfer funds 24/7. You must have a checking account to access this system. Audio Response is free to members.

Call: 1-800-463-1853

Online Banking / Bill Pay:

Another convenient way to access your account 24/7. Check your balance, make a loan payment or transfer funds securely from your home computer. You must have a checking account to access this system. Online Banking is free to members.

Loans for All Reasons:

We offer personal loans to meet your needs. Approval usually takes 24 hours or less. New and used auto loans, Recreational Vehicle loans, home improvement loans, bill consolidation and personal lines of credit are all available. Apply in person at one of our offices or online at any time.


We offer home equity loan advances with fixed or adjustable rates and closing costs are kept to a minimum. Our turn-around time is generally only four weeks. We also offer conventional mortgages for purchases or refinancing. These are mainly secondary market mortgages and must meet those standards for qualification. Rates and closing cost estimates are available on request.

Tru stage for all your insurance needs.

Don't over pay for brokerage services. TruStage offers investments as well as life, auto and home insurance. With a commitment to dependability and a members-first philosophy,truStage will help you protect what matters most, For more information visit their website or call 1-888-888-0375.

Secondary Services:

Money orders (Fee: $1.00 each)
Free cashier checks for members
Notary publics in Tupper Lake and Plattsburgh
Domestic and international wire services

Mobile Banking:

Bring your banking wherever you go!! Sign up today for the Mobile App to do all your banking needs!!

Remote Deposit Capture:

Deposit your checks from home, school or work. Contact your local Credit Union for details on how to remote deposit your checks.


Leave your credit/debit card at home by using your mobile wallet.