Escrow Now Available For Mortgages

Escrow Now Available For Mortgages

It’s unavoidable: If you own a home, you have to set aside money for property taxes and homeowner’s insurance. The easiest way to do that is to hold those payments aside through an escrow account.

Starting this spring, we began offering members the ability to add escrow accounts with all new mortgages. We’ll calculate how much money you need to spend on taxes and insurance, and add the amount to your monthly mortgage bill. And when the bills come due, we’ll take care of the payments. Current Adirondack Regional FCU Mortgage holders are eligible to add an escrow account or convert their existing tax account into an escrow, call and make an appointment with your loan officer for more details.

Our Existing Tax accounts have been very popular and helpful for our members, were very excited to offer you another product to help with all your financial needs.

Did you know? Most mortgages in the U.S. include escrow accounts—about four out of every five, in fact.

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