How Often Do You Use Online Banking?

father holding a child while using his laptop to do his online banking from home


How Often do you use your Online Banking Account?

Online banking allows you to connect to your Adirondack Regional FCU account anytime, anywhere—so you can check balances, pay bills, transfer money or even deposit checks.

For security reasons, though, your online access becomes inactive if you don’t log in for six months.

This is a standard industry practice; it’s meant to reduce the chances of unauthorized parties gaining access to your online bank account, without you noticing.

If you try to access your account after a period of time away and you are unable to log in, access is just a phone call away. Call your local branch during office hours or let us know the next time you stop in and we will be happy to re-activate your online account.

If my Online Account is Inactive, Can I Still Use my Debit Card?

Yes! If your online account becomes inactive, you can still use your debit card and conduct in-person banking without interruption.