Sunmount Federal Credit Union was founded. Sunmount was a veterans hospital at the time, and the newly formed credit union served their employees.


Sunmount Veterans Hospital closed. Within the same facility though, NYS created a program to serve patients with developmental disabilities.


North Country Employees Federal Credit Union was formed in Potsdam, on the SUNY Potsdam campus. The credit union served the employees of SUNY Potsdam, SUNY Agricultural & Technical College in Canton, as well as Clarkson College of Technology in Potsdam.


Clinton County Employees Federal Credit Union was established.


Starting off the year fresh, that January Sunmount FCU changed names to Sunmount Employees Federal Credit Union.

That same year, yet another name change would come. North Country Employees FCU changed their name to North Country Educational Employees Federal Credit Union. Membership expanded by amendment to include the surrounding central schools, and St. Lawrence University.


An arial view of the Tupper Lake credit union with our white business sign out front.

Sunmount Employees FCU constructed and moved to 280 Park Street, in Tupper Lake.


Sunmount Employees FCU changed their name to Adirondack Regional Federal Credit Union, and that same year North Country Educational FCU merged with Adirondack Regional FCU.


A view from the parking lot of our Potsdam credit union location. You can see the parking lot, and facility.

Adirondack Regional FCU moved from SUNY Potsdam to current location, at 186 Market Street.


Adirondack Regional FCU merged with Clinton County Employees FCU.


An arial view of our Plattsburgh location, taken from over the road.

Adirondack Regional FCU moved into the newly purchased, and renovated Route 3 building in Plattsburgh.