Financial Counseling

You are strong and independent, but everyone needs a little support now and again.


Personalized Help to Improve Your Financial Future

We’re pleased to offer personalized financial counseling, with certified counselors available on-site at each branch. Our counselors can go over your credit reports or advise on financing a new vehiclemortgage, your first small business, or other large purchase.

Have bad credit and are looking for ways to improve your financial future? We can help you there too. From second-chance checking accounts to helping you get a loan, everything at Adirondack Regional Federal Credit Union is personalized to fit YOUR needs.

Teaching Financial Responsibility to Youth

Learning how to manage finances is not just for adults. Partnering with parents to help increase financial understanding in young adults goes straight to the heart of our mission. We will sit down with the whole family to help kids, teens, and young adults learn how to start their first savings account, manage a checkbook, get tips on how to save for their first car, save for upcoming student loans, or even get an early start on retirement savings.

Make an appointment or just stop in to speak with one of our certified financial counselors in Tupper LakePlattsburgh, or Potsdam and start improving your money management.

Good Decisions Start With Good Information

And when you’re making your biggest decisions—like buying a car, or a house, or taking out a loan for a business—don’t you want as much information as possible?

That’s why every one of our tellers, loan officers, and branch managers is in the midst of training to become a certified financial counselor (each of our branches already has at least one counselor).

For you, that means we can help assess your individual situation and give you the tools to make an informed decision. So you know the financial impact of your choices before you make them.

A financial counselor, and a member holding a photo of an RV they bought through a loan from Adirondack Regional Federal Credit Union