Membership Benefits

  • Easily conduct online banking transactions – Transfer money between accounts or pay bills. 
  • Instantly view account balances – Easily access images of checks and deposits. 
  • Access past statements – Simply enroll in our e-statements program.
  • Manage personal and business finances online – Download information to accounting or tax preparation software, such as Quicken or Quickbooks.
  • View aggregated account information – See all of your financial information in one place.
  • Receive important account information automatically – Set up instant alerts via e-mail or text.
  • Control your account – Easily manage who has access to your accounts, change your contact information and update your user ID and password easily without having to contact your branch.

To get started, contact your local Adirondack Regional Federal Credit Union branch. Once you have your enrollment code, you can sign up for an online banking account.

Online Banking Enrollment

Click here to reset your password.  If you still have trouble accessing online banking, please contact your branch.

This is a standard security process to keep your account safe if you haven’t logged into your online banking account for over 6 months. This practice is meant to reduce the chances of unauthorized parties gaining access to your online bank account, without you noticing.

Reactivating your online account is a phone call away. Give your local branch a call or let us know next time you are in our office and we will happily reactivate your account.


If your online account becomes inactive, you can still use your debit card and conduct in-person banking without interruption.

Once you are enrolled in online banking...

get the app for your iPhone, iPad, or Android device.

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