Can I Buy a New or Used Truck with a Car Loan?


When you take out a car loan with Adirondack Regional FCU, we will give you the same amazing rate whether you purchase a new car to help you get to work, or a used truck to help plow your driveway in the winter, or a minivan for your growing family.

How do I apply for a New or Used Car Loan?

  1. Either fill out our online application or stop in to your local branch
  2. Find out if you are approved to drive off the lot in your new car or truck

It's honestly as easy as that! Since the loan officer that handles your paperwork is the same as who makes the decisions, you get answers, and the money you need, quickly and easily without any hassles. Almost every loan application submitted is approved, and you will have an answer often in less than 24 hours!

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Current Car Loan Rates

Loan Type Term APR* starting at
New Vehicles 36 Months 5.75%
48 Months 6.00%
60 Months 6.25%
72 Months 6.75%
84 Months 7.00% (over $35,000)

Loan Type Term APR* starting at
Used Vehicles 36 Months 6.00%
48 Months 6.50%
60 Months 6.75%
72 Months 7.00% (over $30,000)

Car & Truck Loans Made Easy

When you live in the North Country, it’s not unusual to need a new car loan every few years. Our vehicles go through a lot of wear and tear on our long commutes, rough roads, and harsh winters. At Adirondack Regional Federal Credit Union, we want to take the stress out of the process and get you into your new or used car quickly while getting you better rates than you would get if you worked directly with the car dealership.
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Is the Loan Application Process Different if I Buy from a Dealer vs. an Individual?

The only difference in the vehicle loan application process is the paperwork necessary. When you purchase a new or used vehicle from a dealership, all you will need is the purchase agreement and a current paystub. If you are buying directly from the previous owner, you will need the same documents as well as a copy of the vehicle title.

How Long Should I Finance my Car Loan For?

Our flexible terms allow you to choose the rate and timeline that works best for you. Short on cash and want to spread the loan out for a longer period to save on your monthly car loan payment? Consider a seven-year loan. Need the cash now but know you’ll be able to pay it off quickly? Save significantly on your loan rate by choosing a three-year loan. Our expert loan officers will work directly with you to determine the best option for your individual needs.

New & Used Vehicle Loan Calculator

Curious how much will your monthly auto loan payment will be? Simply reference the chart below this calculator to find your estimated auto loan rate and fill in any known information. Adirondack Regional FCU will then estimate how much your monthly auto loan payment will be, based on the provided information.
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What Do I Need to Do Before Getting a Car Loan?

Still not sure where to start?

Check out our simple tips for getting a vehicle loan. We have provided some excellent information from checking your credit to what happens if you become injured and no longer can pay your loan.

Give us a call to make an appointment with your local Adirondack Regional FCU branch in Tupper Lake, Plattsburgh, or Potsdam. Our knowledgeable loan staff can help you learn how we can save you money on your next new or used car loan!

ARFCU Staff member with a happy member & their new truck.

Do I Need to Have a Down Payment to Take Out a Car Loan?


We can finance 100% of the cost of your new or used vehicle, including sales tax, as long as you are paying market value!


Are there Early Pay-off Penalties with Car Loans?


You are welcome to pay off your car loan as quickly as you would like without accruing any early payment penalties.