Did you know that our business financing services include tractor and farm equipment loans? Whether you are a first-time farm owner needing start-up equipment or looking to expand your agriculture business, we can help.

Apply for a Farm Loan

Current Tractor Rates

Loan Type Term APR* starting at
New Vehicles 36 Months 5.75%
48 Months 6.00%
60 Months 6.25%
72 Months 6.75%
84 Months 7.00% (over $35,000)

Loan Type Term APR* starting at
Used Vehicles 36 Months 6.00%
48 Months 6.50%
60 Months 6.75%
72 Months 7.00% (over $30,000)

couple holding an image of their new tractor

Don't Settle for Outdated Farm Equipment

If you are looking to upgrade your farm equipment, Adirondack Regional FCU can help.  Make an appointment with one of our local loan officers today and start growing your business!


When you get a tractor loan with us, you will pay the same rates as a new or used car loan. Our rates are variable depending on the length of the loan term you are looking for. Want to pay off your loan quickly? We will be able to offer you a lower monthly rate. Need a little more time to pay off your tractor loan? We will give you up to 6 years to cover your costs. Even better, if you choose to make us your primary financial institution, you’ll save an additional 0.25% off your loan rate!

Our goal is to make applying for farm equipment fast and easy!

  1. Stop into your local branch to speak to one of our expert loan officers or complete a super simple online application.
  2. Find out if you are approved, usually as quickly as within 24 hours!

Your tractor or farm equipment loan will be handled internally right at our credit union. That means the person that handles your loan application is the one that makes the decisions. This lets you get the money you need to help run your farm quickly and easily without the hassles of bigger banks.

When you work with a local credit union like Adirondack Federal Federal Credit Union, you don't need to stress about supplying a down payment for your loan. We can finance 100% of the cost of your farm equipment, including sales tax, as long as you are paying market value!

You are welcome to pay your loan off as quickly as you would like without incurring any early pay-off penalties.