Why Wait Until You’re Older to Start Saving Money?

A youth savings account can help teach the importance of saving money earned from chores, babysitting, or even mowing the lawn at an early age. Why wait until you’re older when you can start saving today for that first car, college, or the latest video game. It’s all about taking the right steps to achieve financial maturity.

According to Youth.gov, those who build financial literacy at a young age are likelier to do a better job managing their money as adults: They tend to owe less and save more. Engaging children with their first savings account also builds a foundation of pride and respect for saving money. And, since our youth savings do not require a parent to be on the account with a minor, a sense of financial independence is further amplified.

Check out these other great benefits:

  • No minimum balance.
  • Can be transferred (when applicable) seamlessly to other accounts, like checking.
  • Automatic transfer when your child reaches 21, or 18 if their guardian allows.

Interested in teaching your child greater financial responsibility?

Consider sitting down with one of our financial counselors to go over how to manage money appropriately. Or, if your child is over the age of 15, consider enrolling your child in a young adult checking account and get them started early on learning how to spend, save, and balance their finances for the future.

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Fun Zone Accounts

We Want to Help Your Kids Learn to Save Money!

For years we have been finding creative ways to teach kids the importance of savings accounts and putting money aside for later. Our Fun Zone Accounts do just that!

Exciting Fun Zone Account Changes Coming

Our current savings program lets your child under the age of 9 earn a fun buck for every deposit into their Fun Zone Account. Collect $5.00 in fun bucks and your child can buy a toy!

Our newly revised program helps your kids save even more! Every time your child ages 4-10 deposits at least $5 into their Fun Zone Account they will earn a stamp on their Fun Zone card. For every 20 stamps they receive, we'll put an additional $5 into their account! 

Teach your kids the importance of saving. Bring your child into your local branch and open a Fun Zone Account today.

Young Adult Checking Accounts

Empowering Your Teen's Financial Independence!

As a parent, you want to ensure your child's success and help them navigate the challenges of adulthood. That's why we're excited to offer our Young Adult Checking Account, for ages 15 and up. Designed to empower your child with financial independence while giving you peace of mind.

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Savings Goal Calculator

Help your child see how regular deposits into their account can add up! our easy-to-use Savings Goal Calculator shows how small deposits over time can add up to reaching big goals.
About Our Youth Savings Accounts