Adirondack Regional Federal Credit Union’s loan rates are better than most other banks and credit unions in the area, and we are often able to get your loan approved fast, sometimes even before you leave the branch, so you can get money when you need it. And, when you borrow through us, you won’t have to deal with secondary markets or dealership finances; we’re here to help and make things easy for you.

Learn more about the benefits offered to our members and how we can help you live your financial dreams.

Blue Coldwell Banker Whitbank Real Estate Sign in front of a Plattsburgh NY home for sale

Local Mortgage Lending

Applying for a mortgage is a big step in anyone’s life. Our experienced loan officers will personally guide you through the application making sure you understand the mortgage lending process along the way. 

Loan officer shaking hands with the owner of a new truck purchased with a truck loan from Adirondack Regional Federal Credit Union

Car & Truck Loans

Purchasing a new or used vehicle should never be hard. This is why we pride ourselves on an incredibly quick and easy loan process with the personal touch of Adirondack Regional Federal Credit Union.