Easy, No-Fee Applications

We want to make getting into your new home easy! Unlike online mortgage companies, our applications are free to complete. And, no more providing page after page of personal information. In fact, our mortgage applications are so easy, that you should be able to answer most of the questions off the top of your head.

We Will Never Sell Your Mortgage

We care about our communities and our members that put their trust in us. For that reason, we will never sell your mortgage to another provider. Whether your loan is for 5, 15, or 30 years we will stand by your side for the long run!

Small Institution. Big Savings.

Shop around and see for yourself! Our mortgage rates are extremely competitive compared to both local lenders and large mortgage providers. We can also offer some members no closing-cost mortgages! And, if we are your primary financial institution, we'll give you an additional 0.25% off your mortgage rate!

Need a Pre-qualification Letter?

Our expert mortgage lenders have helped hundreds of home buyers navigate their way through the mortgage process. Because of our experience, we know how important a pre-qualification letter is in the home buying process. When you come to us before you start shopping, we’ll let you know what size mortgage you can afford. And with a pre-qualification letter in hand, sellers know that you'll likely be able to secure financing (many agents require one). If you are a first-time homebuyer, we will help you understand your credit score and financing options to ensure you are ready when the time comes to put in your first offer. Have experience in the housing market? By having a pre-qualification letter in hand, you will be ready to scoop up the house of your dreams quickly.

Current Mortgage Rates

Loan Type Term APR* starting at
Mortgages 1-10 Years 5.75%
11-20 Years 6.75%
21-30 Years 7.25%

Mortages & Home Loans Made Easy

If you’re looking for a new home or in the market to refinance your current home, you know the real estate market is hot! When you work with our expert local mortgage lenders in Plattsburgh, Tupper Lake, and Potsdam, we will work directly with you to get you into the home of your dreams no matter what stage of the home-buying process you are in.
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What Should I Expect When Applying for a Mortgage?

Applying for a mortgage is a big step in anyone's life. Our experienced loan officers will personally guide you through the application making sure you understand the mortgage lending process along the way. Like all our financial services, we take the time to personally review your unique financial situation. This allows us to personalize the best mortgage option for your specific needs. After all, we care deeply for our local community and consider it an honor to help our members join the neighborhood, move to a bigger house, or purchase a second home. Even better, when you partner with us, your money stays within your local community. We don’t sell our mortgages to large financial companies or the secondary market, which means that the underwriting process is easier and it's less of a hassle to get you into your new home. We can also issue mortgages, in some cases, without requiring an appraisal.*

Do you Offer Escrow Accounts?

Yes! We know that calculating annual taxes and homeowners insurance costs can be a confusing part of buying a home. We will work with you to determine how much you need to put in your escrow account for taxes per month, taking out the guesswork. Even better, your escrow account has the ability to earn interest.

Visit our Tupper Lake, Plattsburgh, or Potsdam branch today to meet our expert mortgage team and help you buy the house of your dreams!

*Mortgage or homeowners insurance is required

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Current Mortgage Rates

Loan rates accurate as of 01/01/2024
APR* starting at
1-10 Years
11-20 Years
21-30 Years

*Actual APR and maximum amount financed are determined upon the applicant's credit score.

Mortgage Calculator

Our mortgage calculator makes it easier to see how your home loan payments are utilized over time. Use the Breakdown tab to understand what percentage of your payment will go towards taxes, insurance, HOA fees, and PMI. Or use the Schedule tab to see how these allocations change as you begin paying off your home loan.
Apply for a Mortgage Online
Expert Loan Officer helping a local couple get a mortgage

Tips on Mortgage Pre-Qualification from an Expert Loan Officer

Our senior loan officer, Sandy Churco, has helped hundreds of homebuyers make their way through the mortgage process. We spoke with her about what you can expect when purchasing a house—and how you can put yourself in a position to land the home of your dreams.

Person holding the keys to their new home after getting a mortgage with Adirondack Regional Federal Credit Union

You’ve Been Pre-Qualified for a Mortgage! Now What?

So: You’ve gotten pre-qualified for a mortgage, you’ve put in an offer on the home of your dreams, and your offer has been accepted. Congratulations!

But don’t load the moving van yet: There are still steps left before you cross the finish line.