We make banking easy.

Here’s our philosophy: It’s banking, not rocket science. If you need a business loan, we can give you an answer while you wait—not after we run your application through an algorithm that doesn’t know you. If times are tight and you need a hand, we can work out a solution right there, at the branch—not after running it up three flagpoles and getting approval from some far-off corporate headquarters. Our headquarters is right here, in the North Country. You can walk into our president’s office, no appointment necessary. Or don’t—our electronic banking lets you do pretty much everything on your phone you can do in a branch, anyhow.

How Can We Reach You?

If we ever spot a suspicious debit or charge on your account, you can rest assured that our fraud department will get in touch with you to verify the transaction. 

But we need to have your correct contact information in order to reach you, and avert any losses. 

If you’ve moved, changed a phone number (maybe you’ve dropped a land line) or switched email addresses, we may be out of the loop. Give us a call and we’ll verify your correct information. 

A word of caution: We’ll never call, text or email you seeking personal information. That’s a common tactic used by fraudsters. If you ever get such a request, contact us in person or on the phone so we can review it with you

For current customers, your routing number is 221380570

As a part of our commitment to your security, we monitor your account regularly for suspicious activity. If you are planning to travel, please let us know. This will help reduce the chances of a declined charge when you need it most.

Domestic travel (within the US) notification (800) 262‐2024

International travel (outside the US) notification (973) 682‐2652

Please call (800) 472-3272

Please call (877) 253-8964

Please review our information about common bank scams and how to protect your accounts. We regularly update this information as new threats or local scams are identified.

ATM $500.00

Point of Sale $2500.00

To request a temporary increase, please contact your local branch

Bank by phone 24 hours a day at (800) 463-1853. Check account balances, transfer money between your accounts, and stay informed on your transactions. Call your local branch for a PIN to get started.

Tupper Lake Branch (Headquarters)

280 Park Street
Tupper Lake, NY 12986
Phone: 518-359-2921
Fax: 518-359-7366

Plattsburgh Branch

672 NY-3
Plattsburgh, NY 12901
Phone: 518-562-0221
Fax: 518-562-0337

Potsdam Branch

Potsdam Branch:
166 Market Street
Potsdam, NY  13676
Phone: 315-268-1440
Fax: 315-265-1322