Car & Truck Loans Made Easy

At Adirondack Regional Federal Credit Union, we understand the need for regular car loans in the North Country, where our vehicles endure tough conditions. We aim to make the process stress-free, providing quick access to new or used cars and better rates compared to working directly with car dealerships.


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Car & Truck Loans Made Easy

When you live in the North Country, it’s not unusual to need a new car loan every few years. Our vehicles go through a lot of wear and tear on our long commutes, rough roads, and harsh winters. At Adirondack Regional Federal Credit Union, we want to take the stress out of the process and get you into your new or used car quickly while getting you better rates than you would get if you worked directly with the car dealership.
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So, we started out with just me in an old beat-up truck. Now, we've grown to have three trucks that operate daily: a pickup truck with a dump trailer, a compactor truck for household garbage, and a roll-off dumpster truck with 10 roll off dumpsters.

In the early days of my business, I felt intimidated approaching some banks. I had experiences where I felt belittled because I wasn't a big business player. Nobody likes being told no when they want financing to improve their business, even if they might think they can afford it. But with you guys, it was different. You were transparent and made the process simple, saying yes when my numbers looked good and I was ready for it.

I remember financing the truck you see in this video. It was an unusual vehicle, and I expected a long process, but you turned it around quickly within a couple of months. I appreciated the hometown feel when I walked through your doors, looking for a place to park my business checking accounts initially.

The staff here made me feel comfortable, and that's why I send people your way. We've helped many young individuals get their first car or upgrade to a new one, and they're ecstatic when they come back to thank us. It's not just me; they interact with different staff members during the process, and everyone is helpful and friendly.

At Adirondack Regional Federal Credit Union, you never feel like just a number; it's a comfortable and welcoming experience. I would recommend anybody to come here because you make it easy.


Car & Truck Loans

Adirondack Regional Federal Credit Union aims to make the auto loan process stress-free, offering quick access to your new or used cars or truck and providing better rates than car dealerships. With us, you can enjoy a seamless car buying experience and favorable financing options.

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