Stay Ahead of Scammers

As the use of online payment services grow, it's important to follow good security practices to keep your transactions secure.


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Stay Ahead of Scammers

Every year, people in the United States lose billions of dollars to financial fraud. As online payments become more common, it’s more important than ever to tighten up your own practices. Adirondack Regional is among more than 1,000 institutions to use Zelle, a service that lets you send and receive money to anybody with an email address. It’s fast, easy and safe—especially when you keep these things in mind: 

Only send money to those you trust. Zelle is a great way to pay family, friends, coworkers and other people you know. 

Treat Zelle like cash. Once you make a payment with Zelle, you can’t get it back. Double-check that you’re sending it to the right email or cell phone number before you pay.

Beware of payment scams. Too good to be true? It probably is. If somebody online is selling an item at a steep discount and insists on Zelle, think twice—if you send the money and don’t get your item in return, you may be out of luck because you authorized the payment.

When it comes to your account’s security, we never take a break. We have dedicated staff monitoring it 24/7. Learn more about how we keep your online transactions save

If you have any questions, or are worried that you’ve been a victim of fraud, please contact a branch.