When you Bank with Our Credit Union, You're Family

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When you Bank with Our Credit Union, You're Family

Here’s our philosophy: It’s banking, not rocket science. If you need a business loan, we can give you an answer while you wait—not after we run your application through an algorithm that doesn’t know you. If times are tight and you need a hand, we can work out a solution right there, at the branch—not after running it up three flagpoles and getting approval from some far-off corporate headquarters. Our headquarters is right here, in the North Country. You can walk into our president’s office, no appointment necessary. Or don’t—our electronic banking lets you do pretty much everything on your phone you can do in a branch, anyhow.
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I have banked with the credit union since I was a kid. My accounts have always been here. My children have savings accounts here. They enjoy coming in, depositing money, withdrawing money. It's an Institution for families. It's satisfying to come in and see them treated the same way I am. They're treated as a member and they're made to feel welcome and like this is a place

where they will want to continue to do their banking for the rest of their lives, as well. My children have accounts, yeah, both my sons, Liam and Jaden, have accounts with a bank they are, like I said, family to them, too, you know, so they've been growing with the bank. Adirondack Credit Union works with you, you know, on a personal level. They actually care about you here, you know. And they actually want to take care of you and they, you know, they see that you have a family and children and a business to run and it's just much more personable experience at the credit union than a normal bank. It's like walking into a friend's house. Everyone greets you by name. I have a French Bulldog that has become quite popular and when he comes in everybody comes out from behind the teller line to say “hi” to them, they come out from their offices to say “hi” to them, is the focus of everyone's attention. When members come in and they feel comfortable enough to bring their pet into the lobby and, you know, have a conversation and get three dog treats instead of one because they went through the drive-through. 

My name is Madison Musa. I'm from Tupper Lake and I bought my first house thanks to the Adirondack Regional Federal Credit Union

My name is Ian Christensen. I'm with perfection cleaning and we keep our business with Adirondack Regional Federal Credit Union 

My name is Jessica Belleville Whitman. I was born and raised in Tupper Lake. I am proud to be a member of the Adirondack Regional Federal Credit Union and I'm proud to say that my children are also members of the credit union Adirondack Regional Federal Credit Union

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