Why Local Businesses Love Banking with Us

Adirondack Regional Federal Credit Union values local businesses in Northern New York. Our business banking services are tailored to help your company succeed with customized solutions, whether it's loans for expansion, commercial vehicles, or equipment upgrades. Partner with us for your business's growth and success.


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Why Local Businesses Love Banking with Us

Adirondack Regional Federal Credit Union knows how important local businesses are to the Northern New York economy. And not only because we are a local business. Our staff lives here, shops here, and dines here. We get to know the local business owners, both through your loyalty to us and our loyalty to you
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My name is Anthony Quinn. I'm a resident of Tupper Lake, New York. Owner of Ray’s


My name is Jessica Belleville Whitman. I am born and raised in Tupper Lake. I

work for Blue Line Insurance Agency.

I'm Scott Williams. I live in Potsdam, New York. Been here my whole life.

My name is Ian Christensen. I'm with Perfection Cleaning. 

Sometimes we have to increase our inventories in substantially, so having the line of credit is just makes it so easy just go ahead and buy more inventory and you know you've got the money sitting right there for you.

Started construction at about 18 years old. That's all I've done ever since. I've done stick frame homes, log homes, I love log homes, specializing in log homes mostly. 

Sometimes we have really big accounts that we'll have to take the job, and it doesn't pay for 60 days, but we need to be able to pay those employees. So we'll take a loan out if we need to, to pay them for that period of time until we get the paycheck, and you know, so you have to wait, and then it's good to have money that you can front out like that to the guys. They don't have to wait 45 days to get their paycheck, you know.

I choose to bank with the Adirondack Regional Federal Credit Union because, to them, you're more than just an account number; you're a person. They take into account you and your life and your history, and the bigger picture, instead of just looking at the numbers on the page. If you want to talk to the CEO of the company, he's right here. You can walk in the door and see him every day. I don't see that at some of these other banks.

The issues I had were when you're a contractor, sometimes you wait three months for a check. You cannot bring your check in there, deposit the check, and they hold it for another 10 days. You know, Adirondack Credit Union works with you on a personal level. They actually care about you here, and they actually want to take care of you. They see that you have a family and children and a business to run. So it's just one of those much more personable experiences at the credit union. You don't have to wait long; you can sit down, talk to them, fill the papers out, take it out, and usually they fill it for you right there on the computer now. So it's not like you're sitting there all day; it's quick. The money is always available the moment I deposit the check. So, you know, it's one of those things; as a business owner, it's important to have that availability and not have to wait.

So, I speak highly of this place, and I would say, 'Don't be afraid; walk in the door.' Whether it's a $3,000 or a $300,000 loan, they're gonna listen to you, talk to you, and probably help you. We keep our business with the Adirondack Regional Federal Credit Union. Great place to go; bring your business in, man, because they're great.

At Adirondack Regional Federal Credit Union, we make it easy.

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Adirondack Regional Federal Credit Union understands the significance of local businesses for the Northern New York economy. Our commitment goes beyond being a local business ourselves; our staff lives, shops, and dines in the area, fostering a strong connection with the community.

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