America Saves Week, April 8-12

Do you have a savings plan for the future? Use the special tools and resources provided to evaluate your savings habits.
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Quick: Do you have enough money to pay for the things that mean the most to you, today and in the future?

Can you cover a short-term emergency? Will you need to pay for a car, or a vacation, or retirement? Do you need to pay down debt? Is a college education on your horizon?

Chances are, you’ll need to save to meet these goals. But—don’t we know—saving is hard. That’s why we’re proud to take part in America Saves Week, an annual event that calls everyday Americans to commit to saving money successfully.

This year’s event, from April 8-12, calls on each of us to build a saving habit and then make sure to allocate money for the expenses we know we’re going to face. (Don’t forget: Paying down debt is saving!)

To keep you on track, you can even take the America Saves Pledge. First, you’ll commit to put a certain amount aside every month to meet a particular goal; then, you’ll get a monthly reminder via text or email to stick to that promise. The number-one goal for which participants decide to save is an emergency fund. If you can put $500 to $1,000 aside, you’ll be in a much better position to cover unexpected expenses, like a sudden car or home repair. Most of us, though, don’t have this luxury. A recent survey showed that just half of Americans have this much set aside.

Adirondack Regional FCU can help you meet your goals, too. Start by meeting one of our certified financial counselors to discuss the things that matter most to you. (Each of our branches, in Potsdam, Plattsburgh and Tupper Lake, have at least one counselor.) They can suggest ways to save, and even steer you toward the best place to put your money: Our high-yield Share 15 Money Market Account, for example, returns 1.25% in dividends every year. Or, if you bring money to the credit union from another institution, our Share Certificate Special* allows you to earn 4.50% on a 12-month certificate. *Limited time offer.

But the best way to get in the habit of saving is to start early. If you have children, our Youth Savings Accounts are great ways to encourage them to put money aside for the things that are important to them.