Banking for the Long Run

In 1959, when Christina Spoor opened an account at the Sunmount Employees’ Federal Credit Union in Tupper Lake, she wasn’t looking for a lifelong relationship. She just wanted a place to cash her paycheck.
Christina Spoor sitting on a handmade wooden bench inside the Tupper Lake Branch of Adirondack Regional Federal Credit Union


63 years later, she’s still an Adirondack Regional member (we changed our name back in 1989). In fact, as we mark our 75th year in 2022, nobody’s been a member longer than Christina.

At the time she opened her first account with us, she was 23 and working at the Sunmount Veterans Affairs Hospital, where we had a branch in a small office on the second floor. At the time, she didn’t drive, so joining was a matter of convenience—she could do her banking at the same place she worked.

Now, she can do her banking anywhere. When she’s snowbirding in Florida, Christina uses our online banking website to take care of her finances, something that would have been out of a sci-fi novel in 1959.

Still, though, she’d rather see people. And after all these years, Adirondack Regional’s people are what she appreciates the most about banking here.

“The moment I enter the door, I hear, ‘Hi, Chris,’” she says. “That’s why I enjoy going there. They treat you like a human.”

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