Savings Accounts

Adirondack Regional Federal Credit Union is proud of our ability to help local communities save money. Whether you have a little extra you would like to set aside and grow or you have a specific reason you are saving your cash, we promise you’ll find that our variety of saving accounts will meet your individual needs and help grow your personal wealth. Learn more about our member benefits today!

Savings Account Options:

  • Traditional savings: It couldn’t be easier to earn a healthy dividend; all you need is a $100 minimum balance.
  • High Interest Savings: With an increased minimum balance, this savings account can earn you even more money.*
  • Youth Savings: Start saving when you’re young and learn the basics of money management from our certified financial counselors.
  • Vacation & Christmas Clubs: Unique accounts that help you set money away for special times, like vacations and the holidays.
  • Tax/Escrow Savings: Taking the guesswork out of mortgage and insurance payments.
  • CDs: This is a low-risk saving tool that can lock-in and amplify the amount you earn in interest.
  • IRAs: Lock in your rate today and start saving for retirement.
  • Charitable Accounts: An easy way to donate to organizations in need and provide scholarship money for college educations.

*In order to utilize High Interest Savings, Adirondack Regional Federal Credit Union must be your primary financial institution.