Vehicle & Car Loans

Quick & Easy Auto Loans

Purchasing a new or used vehicle should never be hard. This is why we pride ourselves on an incredibly quick and easy loan process with the personal touch of Adirondack Regional Federal Credit Union.

Types of Vehicle Loans

  • New & used car loans
  • New & used truck loans
  • Commercial truck loans
  • Boats & personal watercraft loans
  • Motorcycle loans
  • Snowmobile loans
  • ATV loans
  • RV & camper loans
  • Tractors & farm equipment loans

How to Apply for an Auto Loan:

  1. Stop into your local branch
  2. Fill out a super-simple application
  3. Find out if you are approved

Since the loan officer that handles your paperwork is the same as who makes the decisions, you get answers, and the money you need, quickly and easily without any hassles.

Smaller Institution. Bigger Savings.

Shop around and see for yourself! Our car and auto loan rates are extremely competitive and in most cases, we can offer a better financing rate than if you finance through a dealership. And, if we are your primary financial institution, we’ll give you an additional 0.25% off your loan rate!

No Down Payment? No Problem!

We can finance 100% of the cost of your vehicle, including sales tax, as long as you are paying market value!

Simple Tips for Getting a Vehicle Loan:

Check Your Credit

Knowing the health of your credit is one of the best tools to have when purchasing a vehicle. If you haven’t checked your credit report in a while or ever, there could be small issues that could affect your report, which could result in a less than favorable loan rate, causing you to pay more in the long run.

Understand Vehicle Loan Rates

Many people looking to purchase a new or used car automatically finance their loan through the dealership without checking to see if there’s something better available. In most instances, Adirondack Regional Federal Credit Union can do better. Plus, by financing with us, you then gain access to all other member benefits.

Know What You Can Afford

Most important of all is understanding what vehicles you can actually afford. While longer auto loans with a lower monthly payment seem appealing, you can actually end up paying more in interest than you would with a shorter-term loan with a higher monthly payment. We can walk you through the details of your new auto loan in a personal and easy-to-understand manner.

What If Something Happens?

Lastly, we also offer credit life and disability insurance for the unfortunate incidences of death or if you become disabled. Credit life will pay off the loan without passing the burden to your family and disability insurance will ensure your payments are made while you’re unable to work. The bottom line, buying a vehicle should be easy. Adirondack Regional Federal Credit Union is here to make that happen.

Vehicle & Car Loan Rates

Vehicle loan rates accurate as of: 05/01/2022
Loan Type Approximate Term Annual Percentage Rate as Low As
New Automobiles & Tractors
36 months 3.75%
48 months 4.00%
60 months 4.25%
72 months 4.75%
84 months 5.00%
Used Automobiles & Tractors
36 months 4.00%
48 months 4.50%
60 months 4.75%
72 months 5.00% (Over 30,000)
2020/newer 60 months 5.00%
2020/newer 48 months 4.75%
2020/newer 36 months 4.50%
2019/older 48 months 5.00%
New Campers & Boats
24-36 months 4.00%
48-60 months 4.50%
72-84 months 5.00% (Over $30,000)
120 months 6.50% (Over $30,000)
Up to 180 months 6.75% (Over $40,000)
Used Campers & Boats
24-36 months 4.25%
48-60 months 4.75%
72-84 months 5.75% (Over $30,000)
120 months 6.75% (Over $30,000)
Up to 144 months 7.25% (over $40,000)