Current Rates


Effective as of: 12/1/2021
Loan Type Approximate Term Annual Percentage Rate as Low As
New Vehicles
36 months 3.00%
48 months 3.25%
60 months 3.50%
72 months 3.75%
84 months 3.75%
Used Vehicles
2017/older 48 Months 3.50%
2018/newer 36 Months 3.25%
2018/newer 48 Months 3.50%
2018/newer 60 Months 3.75%
2018/newer 72 Months 4.00% (over $15,000)
2018/newer 60 Months 4.75%
2018/newer 48 Months 4.75%
2018/newer 36 Months 4.75%
2017/older 48 months 5.00%
24-36 months 3.75%
48-60 months 4.25%
72-84 months 4.75% (Over $15,000)
120 Months 5.00% (Over $15,000)
Up to 180 months 6.00% (Over $20,000)
24-36 Months 4.00%
48-60 Months 4.25%
72-84 Months 5.00% (Over $15,000)
120 Months 5.50% (Over $15,000)
Up to 144 Months 6.00% (Over $20,000)
Signature Loans
Signature 60 Months 6.25%
Consolidation 60 Months 6.25%
Overdraft 1 Month 12.00%
Share/Certificate 36 Months 3.00%
1-10 years 3.50%
11-20 years 3.75%
21-30 years 3.90%
Home Equity Loans
1-15 years 4.25%
Home Equity Line of Credit
10 year draw Prime minus 0.25%


The ANNUAL PERCENTAGE RATE (APR) you will receive for the above Sub-Accounts may vary with the above stated range and is based on certain credit worthiness criteria. Please ask a loan officer for the rate you qualify for.
The Annual Percentage Rate for all advances will be the Current Prime Rate on the date of the advance plus the percentage shown in the ‘Percent Above Index’ column above. Once an advance has been made on a particular Sub-Account the Annual Percentage Rate for that advance on that Sub-Account will not change until an additional advance on that Sub-Account has been made and at that time the Annual Percentage Rate will change to the Current Prime Rate on that advance date plus the percentage shown in the ‘Percent Above Index’ column shown above.
Filing Fee: You will be charged a lien filing fee at the time of an advance if the credit union takes a security interest in your collateral. The amount of the filing fee will be based upon the amount of fee required by state law for the credit union to obtain a lien on your property. The amount of the filing fee will be disclosed on the voucher.
Vendor’s Single Interest: You must obtain vendor’s single interest insurance to obtain this loan. The insurance fee is $40.00. All subrogation rights are waived by the insurer.
Late Charges: 5% of loan payment amount on every payment 10 days past due.